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Ford Lease Return

Approach Your Lease-End With Confidence

What happens at the end of my lease?

In the months before your lease comes to an end, you'll receive communication regarding your options and obligations. Our job at Palm Coast Ford is to assist you in choosing the path that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Choose A New Ford:

Whether you have your eye on a new Ford model or simply want a brand new version of what you're driving now, Palm Coast Ford has options for you.

You can begin your search online to view the full lineup of Ford vehicles at Palm Coast Ford. Check out our Specials Page here or you can stop by the dealership at 1150 Palm Coast Pkwy SW Palm Coast, Florida.

Buy Your Current Ford:

If you're ready to make your leased Ford your very own, there's no need for a wear and use evaluation or extra mileage charges.

You can determine your payoff amount by calling your lender or call Palm Coast FordĀ and we will assist you.

Turn In Your Ford:

We've made returning your current vehicle straight forward with a few simple steps:

Give us a call before your lease ends and we will review the details of your lease agreement with you. Bring your vehicle to Palm Coast Ford by the lease-end date. Your vehicle's condition will be assessed and mileage allowance reviewed.

You will be required to turn in a completed Odometer Statement. Bring all keys, Owner's Manual and any original equipment removed from your vehicle to the appointment. A final inspection will be performed after you turn in your vehicle.

Whether you want to experience a new Ford, stay behind the wheel of your current vehicle or have questions regarding turning in your Ford, Palm Coast Ford is here to make the move as easy and convenient as possible. For more information about your choices contact us today!

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