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Palm Coast Ford donates $50 for every vehicle they sell in October to the Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Why Buy A Pre-Owned Vehicle from Palm Coast Ford?

We know our customers are looking for the best deal possible when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, which is why Palm Coast Ford uses Live Market Pricing. With Live Market Pricing, our pre-owned vehicle pricing is adjusted daily to ensure you are getting the best value on the vehicle you want!

What is Live Market Pricing?
It is a pricing strategy designed to deliver the best price after first evaluating prices of similar vehicles available in the market place. These similar vehicles share similar equipment, miles and condition in order to ensure we are pricing our vehicles as accurately as possible.
How Does Live Market Pricing Work?
The 3rd Party technology company we utilize reviews the similar vehicles in our market, collects all of the pricing information on those vehicles, which then helps us to price our vehicle the most competitive from the moment it appears on our lot.
Why Use Live Market Pricing?
When it comes to buying a car today, you expect choice, value and convenience. Customers don’t like the back-and-forth games dealerships played in the past, but with Live Market Pricing you receive the best price up front- no haggling. Plus, Live Market Pricing gives you a huge selection of value priced pre-owned vehicles all in one convenient location!

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, click here to shop our huge selection online!

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